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Kite in for repairs? Muscles overtired? Sunburn? Friends or family afraid of warm water? Don't worry, we have a plan B. There is plenty to see and do in Taíba and the surrounding area, whether you want to cool off or explore the mainland. Here are a few suggestions. Make the most of your stay!


Beach Park

Never call the Fortaleza Beach Park a mere aquapark! It has the highest flume in the world, the addictive Insano (41 m and steep, so don't push off too hard!).
Take a taxi and agree on a time for them to come and collect you (if you take a different taxi home you will probably pay twice as much). The journey takes about two hours. Try to avoid public transport (too many changes). Open between 11 am and 5 pm.
More information is available in English at



Body or bogeyboarding is more accessible than surfing, because you don't have to stand up, but it is still fun in the waves at Taíba.
This is popular with the local youngsters, and there is even a bodyboarding school for children of school age, as well as local championships. The freestylers are a joy to behold: 360s, front loops, back loops and more.


Boat trips

The fishermen will be glad to take you out on their jangada boats. Make a deal with them at the fish market, and haggle for a good price. You will see them hauling in an amazing catch. The fish often weigh more than you!


Buggy trips

Organise your own Paris to Dakar race. Get a burst of adrenaline when you race across the beach or over the sand dunes in a buggy or 4x4.
Don't miss the dunes behind Beach Break Brasil – some are more than 10 m high and ideal for sandboarding. Hire a buggy and driver who will take you across the beach to Pecem at about 16.00, returning through the dunes so that you can enjoy the fabulous sunset. If you are not an experienced rally driver, you will definitely get stuck in the soft sand. Leave early... Of course you can also take a 5 minute walk and you will find yourself in a moon landscape. You simply have to see it!



Capoeira is a Brazilian "combat dance", a combination of combat, dance, play, music, culture and acrobatics. It is all about attack and defence, a constant challenge for the capoeiristas who stand in a semicircle while two players coming forward at a time.
On Mondays the locals train in a side-street off the market square. The men did not get such respectable six-packs by chance: capoeira is a good workout! Some surfers warm up with a bit of capoeira on the beach. You can steal the show without even being on the water. It is fun to watch.



Fortaleza is a coastal city reminiscent of Miami, certainly at Praia do Futuro with its stylish white lounge tents.
The town is being spruced up for the football World Cup in 2014. Close to Iracema with its Pirata Bar and Café del Mar (where I don't like the music!) you will also find the shopping street Monsenhor Tabosa, where ladies can get a bikini made to measure.
You can buy souvenirs in the Mercado Central or the evening market at Beira-Mar. Or you may prefer the well-known but expensive shopping centres of Iguatemi and North Shopping. With the weak euro and heavy Brazilian import duties, this may not be such a good idea, however...


Photo shoot

Taíba was first put on the map by Fabio Arruda, a friendly surfer and photographer who has travelled the world taking amazing photos of kiting and surfing, although he is best known for his nature photography.
All the postcards you will find in Taíba were taken by him. You can contact him via, Make an effort to speak a little Portuguese, he will do the same in English, and you will no doubt get on fine...


Fine dining

You can eat very well in Taíba at excellent prices. There is fresh fish every day of course, but the meat is amazing too and there is all the tropical fruit you can manage. The barbecue in the garden will no doubt turn you into a real chef. Since the rich & famous of Fortaleza have their weekend houses in Taíba, there are a lot of attractive little restaurants here. See our restaurant guide.



Beginners should start at Taibinha, with its point break protected from the wind.
You can book surfing lessons with Pedro, a friendly local who comes to Morro do Chapéu almost every day and always does some capoeira as a warm-up.



There are teachers at every level in Taíba. Some speak English (e.g. Revolution) and others speak French (Italo). If the waves are making it difficult, you can find smooth water in the lagoon or behind the Pecem breakwater.


Mountain biking

Taíba and the surrounding area boasts some great mountain bike routes. Don't miss the climb up to the viewpoint over the bay (mirante). Discover the little streets and sandy tracks of Taíba, behind the main street. Go to the end of the road on the right and continue over the crossroads.
Local kiter Italo Cavalcante, who lived in France for 15 years, rents out bicycles at a very reasonable price. He lives behind the village, in the first house on the opposite side of the road on the right as you leave Taibinha beach at Villa da Praia.
Remember that bicycles rust very quickly because of the sea air. One of the first things we do on arrival is to have our bicycles greased and repaired at the bicycle repair shop behind the square.


Nature park

Half an hour's drive from Taíba is the nature park Parque Botânico do Ceará, a huge tropical garden with about 200 million shades of green :-).
An hour away from Fortaleza, Parque das Trilhas ( offers ecotourism in the jungle. You can swing from a vine and pretend you are Tarzan.



You come to Taíba for peace and quiet, and believe us: after a day of sea and sunshine you will be looking for a hammock, not a dance floor. The local people meet during the evenings to relax in the large market square. There are two popular rocking-chairs on the patio at Chez André, where you can watch the proceedings. Night birds can take a taxi to Fortaleza and dance the night away in one of its mega-clubs, e.g. See also


Horse riding

At the restaurant Voltao ao Mondo you can hire horses for rides along the beach or through the dunes.



In the dunes behind Taíba you can go sandboarding, which is similar to snowboarding but definitely… warmer! Unfortunately there are no lifts, so you have to climb up by yourself. Give it a try!
Walter from Taibuggy has a small board in his buggy and he will use it to teach you sandboarding, but I can tell you that like every board sport it is more difficult than it looks! A board with bindings is definitely a lot easier.



In the rocks by Taibinha beach, natural swimming pools form at low tide. Bring your goggles and snorkel and an underwater camera if you have one. You will immediately understand why people are eating so much fish.


Beach walks

It is worth being the first on the beach in the morning, to see whether anything useful has washed up. The poor Brazilians have been forced to become experts in recycling. Every morning someone comes along with a horse and cart…
Joggers: The next village is exactly 5 km to the right, making a 10 km run there and back along the waterfront.



If you really want to be self-sufficient, how about a spot of fishing outside your back door? Nothing tastes as good as your own catch on a coconut BBQ. There should be a fishing rod in every board bag!



Football is the national sport of Brazil. They play every evening on the Market Square and on the beach during the day. Go and have a kickabout with the local Ronaldos and Ronaldinhos.



You can go wakeboarding in Fortaleza at Lagoa do Colosso: R. Des. Agenor Studart, 300 – Edson Queiroz, 60863-760 – Fortaleza: tel. 8756.4206 (near Tok&Stok, which is like the Brazilian Ikea).



Sometimes you will see the odd windsurfer amongst the kiters.


Sand yacht racing

Restaurant Voltao do Mondo will hire out a sand yacht for racing on the beach. This is best at low tide because the wind always blows sideshore.


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